Overall Online Spending Reaches 37% on Amazon

26th September 2017

The Amazon dominance continues!

When it comes to online retail, Amazon now holds over a third of online consumer spend, with the retail giant claiming nearly 40% of the total e-commerce space.

With 73% of consumers saying they will increase their use of shopping online in the future, this is sure to see the online shopping spend increase through the Amazon marketplace.

57% of European consumers now rank Amazon as the leading e-commerce brand, this signifies they are setting the pace within the digital retail market. Industry leading ideas like Amazon Prime, are setting the bar high for other online retailers to meet customer expectations, but for some smaller businesses, this will be hard to compete with…

Recent performance for the American based company propelled founder, Jeff Bezos to the top of the list of the world’s richest individuals, although it was just for a single day.
Will Amazon continue to govern the online world of digital retail?

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credit: Marketing Tech News