Google Introduce New AdWords Interface – Our First Impressions

24th May 2017

In May 2017, Google announced that a new AdWords experience would be available to all advertisers by the end of the year! Here at Pin Digital HQ, we have been lucky enough to able to get our hands on the Beta version, and here are our thoughts and first impressions on the new experience…


The home tab has been given a refresh and now visually represents how each campaign is performing at a top view level. This new overview tab can also be used to delve into each individual ad group to give a more granular view of the best performing keywords, products, text ads and much more!

We particularly like the most shown ads feature for text ads…

Creation Features

Adding new campaigns, ad groups and keywords has never been easier! Simply by clicking on the blue ‘+’ button, the user will be guided with the steps to complete this.


We are a big fan of the reporting offered by the new interface. You can easily monitor performance in graph/table formats, saving time and having to produce reports yourself!

Most importantly, it’s easier and clearer to understand how you are performing against your competitors…


The Beta version is still missing a few key metrics, labels and experiments. We are hoping they are brought back in the beta version over the next few weeks or at least return when the new look goes live to all advertisers by the end of the year.

To conclude, on first impression, the new experience is a lot of fun to work with. The new look and usability is far less clunky than the older and we have high hopes for this interface moving forward.
Good job, Google!