Complaints Procedure

Complaints and Escalations

Due to the nature of our business and excellent client relationships we have very few complaints, let alone complaints that then require escalation.

On the rare occasion complaints are raised with the first point of contact, this maybe your daily contact, such as your account manager/designated developer, if these cannot be resolved, or the resolution offered has not met expectation then the issue can be escalated to the project manager.

If the resolution offered by the Project Manager does not meet agreement for both parties then the final escalation point at Pin Digital is to the Directorship. Should any complaint reach this escalation point for further investigation and adjudication, the Director’s decision is final.

Exceptions to this may be where the service or complaint fits under any regulatory body’s umbrella where you are then able to seek their guidance, once our internal process has been exhausted.

We will endeavour to reply to any complaints and escalations sent to Pin Digital Limited in one business day where possible. The actual resolution and final decision may take longer due to time required to investigate the complaint fully. This may also require further communications with the complainant, internally and with our external service providers, partners and suppliers.

If an area, or sole complaint is with an external entity we will assist where possible, but adherence to the external entity’s policies, procedures and timescales will have to be taken into account.

Reporting Phishing or Other Suspicious Email

If you receive what you believe to be a phishing email, please send it to and we will investigate and respond. Likewise, to report spam or other suspicious emails that you have received please email